Best of the Year 2013

My app NetworkToolbox was just rewarded Best of the year 2013 by PC-Magazine (see here…).

This is nice as I put a lot of enthusiasm into this app. It is also nice to received those E-Mails from users around the world who were using NetworkToolbox and found spy-ware or a big security wholes in their networks and were able to fix it with my app.

Along with this app, I also provide a lot of information that will hopefully help to identify security issues or at least make aware of potential risks and issues.

There are some demo videos available that show how to use Port forwarding or how to ‘hack your own router’.

Just today I wrote about TV set’s that are spying their users (see ‘Beware, your TV is watching you’) or about the European Parliament hack and lessons that can be learned here.

My main goal for NetworkToobox is to make network analysis easy. There are many other individual tools available. Most of the best tools are running on Linux and use a cryptic command-line interfaces. NetworkToolbox has an easy and convenient user interface and even integrates many individual tools in one app where results of one tool can easily be further analyzed by another tool.

So this reward sounds like I am on the right track. However, like with all of my apps, NetworkToolbox will continue to grow.

If you have questions to NetworkToolbox, just let me know.

Kind regards,

Marcus Roskosch